Green Building

At Wright Building and Design we believe in and support the concept of responsible building and have a proven history of  environmental stewardship. By designing our projects using natural, sustainable materials, reducing waste, and recycling whenever possible, we help to protect the natural beauty of our Northern Michigan environment.

A properly designed and constructed home continues to provide “green” benifits for the homeowner andfor our environment throughout it’s lifecycle. Adhering to LEED® standards or Energy Star recommendations can mean years of lower energy costs, less waste and improved comfort. Sustainable living and building green isn’t a niche market anymore, it has become a hallmark of responsible homebuilders and homeowners alike.

A green home begins with a green design, and we work with our client from the very first consultation to insure that even the smallest details are examined for their overall impact upon the ultimate performance of the home. Throughout the design and building process we apply the Best Management Practices  learned through our  years of experience to insure efficiency in material use, construction techniques and energy consumption.



“People’s choices about the buildings they live and work in have the greatest impact on the environment of any single decision they make as individuals.”

Studies show – and our experience confirms – that green buildings need not cost much more than standard custom-built buildings. There are many things we can do in the design stage of a project that initially cost very little, but can save energy, materials and money right from the start, as well as an entire range of options that may cost more up front, but will provide a significant savings over time, especially as energy costs continue to rise in coming years.

-Todd Wright

Green Building is not something that we learned in a seminar last year, It’s the the way we’ve always worked.


"As a businessman I can appreciate the value of working with partners who know their craft and take the initiative to insure a good outcome even without my input. Wright builders were very easy to work with (even though we live hundreds of miles from our cottage). The project wen very smoothly and we were kept in the loop at all times. We are very happy with the finished product and look forward to working with the Wrights again on our "phase two"!"
- Bill Williams